Banoffee Pie



There are those desserts that simply satisfy a mild hankering for something sweet, other desserts that aim to placate the unadulterated palates of hungry diners after a savoury meal…then there are those desserts capable of delighting even the most discriminating of guests, capable of spell-binding those amongst us who crave as much beauty in our desserts as we do flavour; desserts whose mere presence will bring cachet to any dinner party. 

My devout readers: you may have noticed that I’ve recently been on a short hiatus from my food blog. I recently organized a wedding show (‘Bliss Wedding Show’ in Toronto – see and “LIKE” our new page at where I was also a featured vendor showcasing the sweet creations such as dessert and candy tables and other beautiful desserts, of my company, “Frost Confections” (see | Well, you can imagine that between all the organizing and preparation for the show, my blog, regrettably fell by the wayside, but I am back, armed with dozens of delicious and unique recipes slated for release in the coming weeks!  Forgive me my recent otiosity, but once you try this recipe, I’m certain I’ll be awarded a hero’s welcome back into the food blogosphere to catapult me back into your good graces.

To that end, I could not think of a better recipe to post returning from my short leave, than this visually stunning and sinfully delicious Banoffee Pie. “Banoffee” is an amalgamation of the words “banana” and “toffee”, two ingredients that come together to make a wildly delicious and decadent pie. The graham cracker base is buttery and wonderfully crumbly and the whipped topping is airy and light in contrast to the sweet stickiness of the filling. If you want to impress your guests with a memorable and gorgeous treat without slaving over a hot oven for hours upon hours to create a sweet masterpiece, this is the pie to make. I recently made this pie for an intimate dinner hosted by a dear friend of mine, Mariam.  No sooner did I cross over the threshold of her front door to hand the pie over to her husband who greeted my husband and I at the door, did he utter with a spritely tone in his voice: “Is this banoffee? I love banoffee pie!” A sentiment that I share and one that I am certain you will be in agreement with upon tasting this delicious, and decadent pie!



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