Pad Thai

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As far as I’m concerned, Pad Thai is the true test of any Thai restaurant. These delicious stir-fry rice noodles are synonymous with Thai cuisine and are arguably the most well-known Thai dish, globally. 

Given that I am uber in love with this dish, I spent hours upon hours…upon hours (!) perfecting this recipe. Anyone can stir-fry vegetables, but the hallmark of this dish is the sauce that the noodles and vegetables are coated in. The perfect Pad Thai sauce is a symphony of sweet, sour and salty, and has the perfect amount of acidity. It’s getting that balance that is the most challenging of things.  

As with any recipe I emulate, I poured over copious amounts of recipes and videos and analysed, in great detail, the quantity of ingredients that Thai street vendors use while creating this dish and finally…finally (!) came up with a recipe that is as true to the Pad Thai that is found in my favourite Thai restaurant!  

This recipe seriously delivers the perfect, restaurant-style authentic Pad Thai and is yours for the cooking! So go to it and seriously ‘wow’ your family and friends with this delish Pad Thai!

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Garlic Chicken


I have a thing for copy-cat recipes. And by ‘thing’, I mean a desire to recreate, replicate and – dare I say – reinvent, my favourite restaurant dishes. This particular dish is an appetizer I first had at a fabulous Thai restaurant in Toronto. I’ve ordered it countless times to start my meal, and figured I would enjoy it at home as much as I did in the restaurant; so, to that end, I set out to recreate this appetizer using the same or similar ingredients that are reminiscent of the flavour and texture of the original. 

DSC_0247 As the name of the recipe suggests, these chicken appetizers are robust with the flavour of garlic, however, the flavour is by no means aggressive. Don’t get me wrong: if you’re not a garlic lover, you should probably steer clear of this recipe, but if you use garlic in cooking, then you will absolutely love this recipe. The garlic flavour, although fragrant and aromatic, is mellowed out by the buttermilk and the crumb coating, so each bite of chicken will leave only a faint and residual flavour of garlic in your mouth. When I first attempted to create these, I used Japanese panko crumbs (which are used to make tempura) and bread crumbs, but I found the coating, when fried, was too light and didn’t have a hearty crunch to it. To keep it as true to the restaurant’s appetizer as possible, I then experimented with a combination of corn flake crumbs (which you can purchase at your local grocer or make your own at home using corn flakes run through a food processor) as well as bread crumbs and the crunch it produced came pretty darn close to the restaurant’s version.  Served with a sweet and sour sauce as it is in the restaurant, these were a dead ringer for the garlic chicken appetizers found in my favourite Thai restaurant.

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