Beef Confetti Rice


Before you accuse me of suffering from poverty of culinary imagination, I will willingly concede that this recipe is arguably one of the easiest of all the ones I intend to post within the next few weeks. Yes, it requires me to flex a little less of my culinary muscle than I’m accustomed to, but, simply put, this is an easy and delicious fried rice recipe. You don’t have to toil over this and you won’t find yourself hovering over your laptop or PC or iPad, reading and re-reading this recipe, with furrowed brows and a look of confusion. It is a simple recipe…but don’t be disenchanted – it is flavourful and comforting and the culinary equivalent of a comfy recliner chair. Who among us couldn’t use a go-to recipe for an easy and healthy weekday dinner that whips up in mere minutes? It’s the ideal recipe, particularly for those of you whose children will eat healthy only under protest. So before you start with a snarky question like, “How is this recipe supposed to hasten my journey to culinary greatness?” I’ll tell you right now that it won’t. But if a recipe is a classic, you really don’t have reinvent the wheel to testify to its greatness.


I used a good quality cut of steak and cut the meat on a distinct 45 degree angle. Cutting the meat on a bias keeps it tender while cooking to avoid that unsavoury chewy texture that meat often tends to take on after it is cut improperly than cooked.



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