Veal Scallopini with Saffron Mushroom Sauce

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There is something decadent and sophisticated about a beautiful saffron sauce which is delicately flavoured. What’s more decadent is pairing that sauce with veal scallopini to create a beautiful and elegant meal. This dish is completely worthy of any she-she Italian restaurant and is a wonderful meal to serve on a special occasion! The cream in the sauce is certainly not conducive to the diet-conscious but, hey, we all require a little decadence from time to time! This is super easy to put together but your guests will think you spent hours making it. This elegant dish will instantly give you rock-star status in the kitchen!

veal scallopini with saffron mushroom sauce

You’ll have to pound the chicken to about 1/4 of an inch thick. The meat will become tender and will cook in no time. 

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PERFECTLY POACHED EGGS — Experimenting with many techniques and tips to achieve egg-poaching perfection!

perfectly poached eggs (13)

perfectly poached eggs (12)

There are few things which incite fear in a home cook as much as poaching a simple egg. Google searches on how to poach an egg will yield considerable results with varying techniques and tips on how to poach an egg to perfection. Should vinegar be added to the water?; should you create a whirlpool vortex in the water?; should you put the egg in cling wrap?; should you add salt to the water?… and the list goes on.  I’ve poached many an egg in the past but, I have to admit, that my poached eggs are not always perfect. So why the sudden inclination to perfect my egg poaching technique? Because I’m always in search of perfection when it comes to cooking and so…why not? 😉

In the pursuit of egg-poaching perfection, I deferred to the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and countless others chefs who know a thing or two about poaching an egg. I’ve tried out all their recipes, techniques and tips to master the poached egg and here are my results.

perfectly poached eggs (7)

1. FRESH EGGS: First things first. You MUST start with a fresh egg. Unless you get your eggs straight from a chicken, it can be hard to tell if your eggs are fresh or not even with the expiration date listed on the egg carton. (You can rely on the ‘Julian date’ – a three digit number on the carton which indicates the day of the year the eggs were packed, but if you’re like me, I discard the egg carton after I purchase them so I can’t rely on that.)

One simple way to know if your egg is fresh is to fill a clear bowl or measuring cup with water and gently drop your egg in it. If the egg stays on it side (see above photograph) it is fresh. If the egg stands on its head (i.e. not on its side) or starts to float, it is may still be good to cook and eat but not great for poaching. There’s a small air pocket inside an egg and when the egg is not as fresh, the air pocket grows as the inside of the egg shrinks, causing it to float. Eggs which are not fresh will have watery egg whites which will cause your egg whites to float to the top of the pot when poaching and creating a spindley mess on the surface, leaving you with more of a poached egg yolk and not so much egg white!

perfectly poached eggs (9)

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