Green Falafel

green falafelgreen falafel (3)green falafel (5)The origins of falafel are as contentious as territorial debates in the Middle Eastern world.  The great falafel debate — whether it originated in Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, and yes, even India — has garnered a legitimate food fight on who invented these delicious little chickpea fritters. Heck, they are so delicious, anyone that can be credited with the invention deserves serious admiration! I reckon, no one can really prove its origins as local cuisines were adapted in various countries with new immigrants from various cultures. Where ever its origins, these fried chickpea balls are beyond tasty and need to be made for you and your family to enjoy!

I was once told by an Arab woman that you can tell the freshness and quality of a falafel by the colour of the insides of the falafel. If the insides are brown and dull, the falafel was probably made by a mix or it is not as fresh as it should be. A fresh falafel should have insides that are green and vibrant!

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Jalapeno Corn Fritters + Avocado Cream

spicy corn fritter with avocado cream

jalapeno corn fritters with avocado cream (3)

spicy jalapeno corn fritters

I know what you’re thinking, They’re fried. They’re terrible for you. They’re…delicious? 😉 I wholeheartedly agree with only part of that statement. I’ll let you guess which part 😉 Okay, so I know the last thing the world needs is a fried fritter but, seriously, these are insanely delicious and it would just be wrong for me to not share them with you. 

The fritters are actually pretty light with the fresh corn kernels, the burst of lime and cilantro and the fresh bell pepper and spicy jalapeno, all in a light batter. The avocado cream, there are simply no words for. Hand to God, the avocado cream is the best sour cream dip I’ve ever tasted in my life and it all came together because I was desperate to use the last avocado in my pantry. The cream is cool and mildly flavoured and perfectly cuts the heat of the fritter. These are serious fritters worthy of the fritter hall of fame if there ever was one.
 fresh corn for corn fritters

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