Strawberry Noodle Salad



If the thought of noodles, strawberries and walnuts together in a salad renders you speechless, you’re not alone. Most people who try this salad for the first time do a double-take when they see it but their reticence is quickly replaced by delight when they bite into this deliciously refreshing, albeit unusual, salad. The flavour of the strawberries are coaxed out gently with the use of the balsamic and the noodles and walnuts provide a hearty crunch that elevates a pedestrian salad to new levels of yummyness!

If there was ever a time to enjoy seasonally fresh strawberries, it’s right now. When shopping for strawberries, choose ones that are bright red and firm and ones that are locally grown. Strawberries don’t ripen after they are picked so they should be at the peak of freshness when picked. Choosing a locally grown variety will ensure the freshest, sweetest strawberries are being delivered quickly from the farm to your table.

As delicious as they are, they are also a nutritional powerhouse. One cup of sliced strawberries delivers more than a day’s worth of vitamin C and is a good source of fibre and manganese which maintains healthy bones and helps regulate blood sugar. They are crazy high in antioxidants, and, according to a recent study conducted by Harvard U, they can cut the risk of heart attack in women by one-third as they help dilate arteries and prevent the build-up of fatty plaque.

There are so many ways — and reasons! — to enjoy this delicious little fruit, and what better way to showcase the strawberry — in all its lovely glory — than in this quintessential summer salad!


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Mango & Bell Pepper Salad

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There’s so much we learn from our mothers: how to be caring individuals, how to be honourable, how to love others…and, how to take inspiration from everyday ingredients to make delicious and gorgeous food. (Admittedly, the latter doesn’t apply to all of us, but I was one of the blessed ones whose mother is a fabulous cook!). That said, credit for this recipe goes entirely to my mother. Opening up her refrigerator is like Christmas morning for anyone who loves to cook. She’s always stocked with all sorts of fresh veggies and other ingredients. A couple of months ago, she found herself with an abundance of peppers and mangoes and decided to put them to good use by creating this delicious salad. Since that day, this salad has been my go-to recipe when I have leftover mangoes and peppers laying around in the fridge (which is more often that you’d think) or when I need a refreshing and uber colourful salad to grace my table. The salad is reminiscent of island life and balmy temperatures; a stark contrast to the nippy temperatures and blanket of white snow that I’m currently seeing outside, but I thought I would shake things up. 

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