Pad Thai

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As far as I’m concerned, Pad Thai is the true test of any Thai restaurant. These delicious stir-fry rice noodles are synonymous with Thai cuisine and are arguably the most well-known Thai dish, globally. 

Given that I am uber in love with this dish, I spent hours upon hours…upon hours (!) perfecting this recipe. Anyone can stir-fry vegetables, but the hallmark of this dish is the sauce that the noodles and vegetables are coated in. The perfect Pad Thai sauce is a symphony of sweet, sour and salty, and has the perfect amount of acidity. It’s getting that balance that is the most challenging of things.  

As with any recipe I emulate, I poured over copious amounts of recipes and videos and analysed, in great detail, the quantity of ingredients that Thai street vendors use while creating this dish and finally…finally (!) came up with a recipe that is as true to the Pad Thai that is found in my favourite Thai restaurant!  

This recipe seriously delivers the perfect, restaurant-style authentic Pad Thai and is yours for the cooking! So go to it and seriously ‘wow’ your family and friends with this delish Pad Thai!

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Fluffy French Toast

fluffy french toast

delicious french toastyummy French toast

Simply put, I totally dig french toast. There’s something so decadent about warm bread coated with a sweet eggy mixture, toasted to delicious perfection and drench in maple syrup. Mmm. It’s deceptively easy to make and if you don’t dig egg but need to get your protein on, it’s the perfect way to disguise your egg in a sweetened toast! I have tried countless (yes, countless!) French toast recipes over the years and have finally nailed it! This recipes differs slightly from your traditional French toast as it contains a bit of flour which creates a beautiful leavening and crisps up the toast perfectly without it tasting too “eggy”. 


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