About Me

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I am a food snob.

Perhaps I should preface that bold statement with some context. I love food. I live food. In fact, my only certainty in life is food. Food is sure to bring happiness to my day or get me out of a hapless mood! I am often that dinner guest that sits quietly munching on my dinner trying to decipher which ingredients were used to produce the food on which I feast. I am almost always the restaurant patron who incessantly asks the wait staff questions about the quality and origin of ingredients which went into creating my meal. 

My name is Nasma Moosavi. When I’m not playing mommy to my toddler, I develop recipes and love creating delectable desserts! 

I may be a baking and confection aficionado, but don’t have any formal culinary training as far as cooking goes. In fact, my educational background is as far away from cooking as you can get. Somehow I figured that the natural progression for me, after recently completing a law degree would be…er, food blogging…?  Maybe not, but I suppose, at the very least, this blog marks a continuation of my personal evolution in cooking. It is a way for me to combine my love of cooking, photography, and writing.

Much of my inspiration comes from my family: we are all bona fide foodies. My mother wrote a cookbook years ago combining all of our family’s favourite recipes into one book. I was in high school when she wrote it and even in my unruly teenage years, I would hover behind her in the kitchen watching her develop recipes and I would often snap photos of her food, some of which are proudly featured in her cookbook.

I have been writing for as long as I have been able to hold a pen, but my work has never really been for public consumption – until now. I am a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to blogging and anything related to technology so be gentle when you post comments telling me what you think about my site, er ‘blog’ (see, I can’t even get the terminology right!). Truth be told, I’m a luddite of sorts, which is a curious fact considering that before I attended University I studied computer programming in College! I suppose I would much rather share recipes with others the traditional way; using recipe cards with hand-written notes. On the other hand, I would love the opportunity to share the thousands of recipes I have amassed over the years (and new ones I have yet to try) with fellow foodies the world over, so here I am.

Driven by some false sense of faith in me, my friends and family often ask me for recipes for dinner parties or just a quick recipe for weekday dinners. There is nothing quite so daunting as ‘googling’ a recipe you are in search of because the search will inevitably yield a veritable muddle of recipes – good and bad – which you will have to sift through for hours and experiment with. Well, I am happy to carry the torch and wrangle any and every recipe and experiment for days upon days to create the perfect recipe, just so that you can reap the benefits and create delicious meals for your loved ones. I use process photos with every recipe to allow you to see how the recipe evolves.

I won’t reduce you all to a cultural cliché and say “everyone can cook!” or make some hollow statement that you are all brimming with culinary greatness. Although we all have some measure of greatness; some ability that catapults us into some category of recognizable skill, it is not always cooking. I will share with you my recipes, my (limited) expertise in cooking, my (expansive) expertise in baking, and well, I hope you use it to challenge yourselves and create delicious meals. I have complete and utter faith in you! 

So, as I tackle what should prove to be a formidable endeavour, I welcome you to challenge me with recipes that you would like to see featured on my blog, or any questions you have about your own cherished recipes. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to leave any comments or questions under each posted recipe.

I will always encourage the free exchange of ideas and recipes in the great food blogosphere, but please remember that content and images on my blog are protected as intellectual property and copyrighted. If you chose to reproduce the recipe word-for-word along with my images, you must ask permission before doing so by sending me a request here.  If you are inspired to adapt or slightly modify my recipe to make it your own (and you write it up in your own words), you can do so without express permission, so long as link the image (if it is mine) and your work back to my blog. If you are super excited about a recipe and simply want to post a link to my recipe on your own blog, you are welcome to do so. All the recipes and photographs on my blog are my own, unless otherwise noted.

I hope you enjoy trying out my recipes and being regaled with tales and stories of my deliciously ‘crumby’ life!